Where the certitude for effect lacks we need a message to make it possible.

A work of art always speaks more than what the author wished to convey. An artist hopes to bring about the image of the absolute by human means as art is also a product of the spirit and skill.

The total view of what we are interested in is contemplation. When one wants to express something one wishes to understand that fact, that thing, that connection or that person, to feel those things, to even see them existing in reality. By contemplating the surroundings, we use our intelligence to be able to understand what we find interesting. The emotion we are overwhelmed by contemplating is an understanding which also appeals to our imagination. Such an intelligence could serve for inspiration. As a gift art becomes a messenger for friendship and love among friends.

Customary as it is to give gifts to those we love to make them hold out their hands to receive, art also could be something that creates ease or relaxation. In this respect, my intuitions, imaginations, premonitions, thoughts and my own decisions, would be shared with those on the same wave length or vibration. A piece of information: no matter on what level this vibration happens, it does no harm. Secondly, communication is also beneficial for me as an artist, and for the perceiver as well. Thus the isolation that gains space ever so often these days, is shortened for a little while.